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Our Warren Buffett Articles:

Explaining Warren Buffett's Phenomenal Success with Berkshire Hathaway

How Warren Buffett Picks Stocks

Warren Buffett: Corporate Manager and Motivator Extraordinaire

Warren Buffett claims P/E Ratio has Nothing to do with Valuation  

Why did Warren Buffett Buy Berkshire Hathaway in 1965?

What Has Warren Buffett Accomplished for Berkshire Share Owners Since 1965?  

What Has Warren Buffett Accomplished Through Berkshire Hathaway for the General Economy Since 1965?

Our January 2012 newsletter on the Wisdom of Warren Buffett and how he invests

And Three Very Important Warren Buffett Articles from Fortune Magazine

Mr. Buffett on the Stock Market - Fortune Magazine, November 22, 1999
(Buffett warned that investor expectations were too high)

Warren Buffett on the Stock Market - Fortune Magazine, December 10, 2001
(A timely warning on the market based on analysis that is truly timeless)

How Inflation Swindles the Equity Investor - Fortune Magazine, May 1977

And One From Forbes Magazine

You Pay A Very High Price In The Stock Market For A Cheery Consensus  (Pension-fund managers continue to make investment decisions with their eyes firmly fixed on the rearview mirror.) Forbes Magazine, 1979


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